And Gently Pull Out The Wings

a thousand paper cranes permeate all colours of the spectrum

6 December 1987
Melbourne, Australia
Master of None
Halsey Drive School - Auckland Auckland NZ (1993 - 1995)
Marina View Primary School - Auckland Auckland NZ (1996 - 1997)
Castle Hill Public School - Sydney NSW AU (1998 - 1999)
Baulkham Hills High School - Sydney NSW AU (2000 - 2005)
Australian National University - North Canberra ACT AU (2006 - 2010)
Universität Bielefeld - Bielefeld Nordrhein-Westfalen DE (2009)
University of Canberra - Belconnen ACT AU (2010)
University of Melbourne - Parkville - Melbourne VIC AU (2011 - 2012)
Interests: (102)
alan hollinghurst, alan rickman, alex walkinshaw, alexander dane, amiel, ancient history, animal shaped waffles, antonio vivaldi, at the movies, before sunrise, before sunset, biology, blackadder, border collies, britannicus, cascade mountains, cellos, chamber music, claudius, clichés, computers, craig gilmore, crochet, crocheting, darjeeling tea, dead poets society, eating, ebay, england, ethan hawke, fanfiction, fangirling, foreign films, france, french films, frigates, galaxy quest, germanicus, global village, go west, goo goo dolls, graphic design, gregorian chants, harry potter, heaters, horatio hornblower, hywel simons, italy, joe moreline, julio-claudian emperors, justin finch-fletchley, knitting, leeds united football club, literature, little britain, love actually, lucius malfoy, malaysian cuisine, marcia cross, marcus aurelius, mathias lauridsen, michel polnareff, music, national boys choir, new zealand, nigel kennedy, nimbuses, now and then, otown, paganini, percy weasley, philosophy, rafael nadal, roleplaying, rome, rowan atkinson, rush hour, russia, sam west, samuel west, scarves, scotty portlock, seamus finnigan, sergei kirov, sleeping, sommersturm, spicks and specks, string music, tea parties, television, the all blacks, the vampire armand, the village people, thom filicia, tobias brahmst, vienna boys' choir, violins, wales, warm bed sheets, wiener sängerknaben, william corlett, writing
Hello, this is Me calling!

(Hello You, do you have the results?)

Yes, I do. Here are the results of the Me vote.

One point goes to the Natural Confectionary Company
Two points goes to Darjeeling tea
Three points goes to the iPod, Gabriel-Paddington
Four points goes to my choral society
Five points goes to having enough muse to write
Six points goes to the OGS
Seven points goes to Woolworths jam sponge cake.
Eight points goes to My Undying Dedication for anything worthwhile
Nine points goes to The French News (Le Journal)
Ten points goes to Russia
Eleven points goes to The Glass Pig Dice
And finally, twelve points goes to ...

The Eurovision Song Contest!

Should you wish to enter the contest, please apply with a recording of an original song, a photograph of you or your band, and a completed application form. Justin and Seamus "Club Scene" plushies are acceptable bribes.

Tonight's judges are:

MOOD THEME: by wickedground

LAYOUT: by enamour @ appleleaf
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